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Wednesday July 24
Eternities (Katie Porter & Bob Bellerue)
K. Rissiek • PNL(A) • Rhoda
Live ambient between sets provided by Moss Harvest
Mousetrap Lounge - Upstairs - 9pm - $10
2736 Robie Street - Halifax

Kate Rissiek - Wave Expanse LP
Released by Buried in slag and debris - Edition of 218

Kate Rissiek - Decayed Signals LP
Released by Virtues Label

Official music video from the new Album Decayed Signals.
Available now on Virtues Label and from the store here

Analogue Paper Dreams by Kate Rissiek
Analogue Paper Dreams - Selected Collage Work
by Kate Rissiek
8 x 10 full color 86 page perfect bound book
Includes 68 collages created over the past 15 years

WCN Podcast #12 Kate Rissiek of RUSALKA
on sound sources, touring, Vancouver noise, her visual art

Bandcamp digital downloads available.
Recordings from 2008 to the present.

Rusalka - Base Waters
Rusalka - Base Waters LP
Released by Absurd Exposition

Kate Rissiek has been a mainstay of the west coast Canadian harsh noise scene for over a decade now and "Base Waters" comes nearly seven years after Rusalka's initial involvement with Absurd Exposition ("Blood Comes Anyway", 2013). Within those years a line can be traced that has continued to tighten around a formidable body of work - from solo releases on stalwart labels such as New Forces, to splits with the likes of MK9 and THE RITA on Neural Operations, and a compilation appearance on heavy electronics powerhouse Tesco Organization. "Base Waters" showcases an artist dedicated to their craft and at the top of their game. However, if anything is evident during Rusalka's past eleven years, it is that "peak performance" negates the fact that there are still more peaks to climb (and make no doubt - they will be climbed). This is a much-deserved LP from one of the most consistent and ever-improving noise acts of our time. Using a theremin as a centerpiece, Rusalka leads us straight into a harsh noise odyssey of oceanic depths - but something is lurking beneath the waves. It's dark. Fog horns sound. A lighthouse is pulsating. Underwater evasion. Capitulation. Receding tides. No respite. These waters run thick. - Absurd Exposition-